What happens when I bring a vehicle back for a concern?

Great! We absolutely encourage if your vehicle has an issue to bring it back as soon as possible to have it sorted, as we stand behind our vehicles and want to ensure that you have a pleasant experience with your new vehicle! It’s important to remember that with all of our “TVG Certified Vehicles” it’s important to have any issues reported within the first 30 days of ownership. When your vehicle does come in for service there will be a routine diagnosis charge. This charge covers our technicians looking over your vehicle and the addressed concern that you are experiencing. If your concern is one that is deemed a warrantied issue, our technicians will resolve the issue as soon as possible. Your diagnosis charge will be paid for by our dealership. And you’ll be driving off in no time 🙂

Note: In the case of repairs being needed on your vehicle, it may take time for parts to become available. In these cases our team will reach out to you to give you an updated timeline as to when your parts will arrive according to our suppliers, a timeline as to when it will be resolved and when you can expect your vehicle to be ready to go.

Courtesy vehicles are available depending on availability at an additional charge.