Can I perform an inspection at another shop of my choosing?

Great question! Absolutely! We stand behind our purchases and always perform every measure to ensure that you do not have buyers remorse down the road. It’s with this mentality that we allow for external vehicle inspections. It’s important to remember though, as much as we’d love to perform this external inspection, these inspections do tax our team. The rules are very simple behind this to ensure protection for both yourself and the dealership.

1. A signed deal must be produced beforehand between a sales associate as well as the purchaser. A deposit must be held in trust by the dealership as a measure of good faith.
2. The client must request the inspection as apart of the requirement of proceeding with the deal, this must be authorized by a Manager.
3. The dealership guarantees that any and all safety concerns will be addressed, if the concerned repair is deemed appropriate by a TVG Technician. If a service recommendation is made for routine service, such as a transmission flush, clutch replacement, or brake fluid flush etc, this will be at the discretion of TVG International and is not guaranteed.
4. The repair facility where the vehicle is being taken must be deemed appropriate by a TVG Manager and the vehicle must be driven back and forth by an authorized TVG representative. Clients may be present at the repair facility to await inspection results.
5. Inspection facilities must be within a 25km one-way distance for a total trip of 50km.
6. Inspection’s must be paid by the purchaser.
7. Inspection’s must be completed within a 48hr time frame from the time the deal is signed and the deposit is held in trust.
8. Inspection’s may last up to a maximum 2hr time period.
9. TVG representative’s must be allowed full visual access to the vehicle at all times.