What is “TVG Certified” and what does it entail?

At TVG we pride ourselves on bringing in inventory that is in top condition and placing a dealer guarantee behind it that you can trust!

We understand that purchasing a new vehicle can be overwhelming, and ensuring that your purchasing a vehicle that wont’ have future issues, that’s been truly Certified by quality technicians is important. At the end of the day, no matter whether your buying a completely brand new vehicle from a franchise dealership, or a pre-owned certified vehicle from an independent dealership, what matters most is trusting that if issues arise your able to take your vehicle back to the originating dealer for help and service. With this in mind this is why we’ve created our “TVG Certified” program. Here you’ll find all the coverage’s and what we stand behind in order to ensure you have a great experience with your new vehicle!

    Inclusive with our “TVG Certified” vehicles is the following

1. 30 Day Safety Guarantee – If your vehicle happens to have an issue within the first 30 days of ownership and it is safety related we will certainly remedy the issue with you and ask that you work with us to get your vehicle in within a two-week time frame to address the issue. All issue’s must be verified by TVG International prior to repairs being done. A standard diagnosis charge will be incurred from the service department however if the repair is deemed safety related your 30 Day Safety Guarantee will pay for both the repair itself as well as the diagnosis.

In-Town Clients – For those of you who are in-town within a 50km radius, after purchasing your vehicle if an issue arises within 30 days we strongly urge you to contact your sales associate as soon as possible so that notes may be logged to the issue, from there the service manager will arrange a time that the vehicle can be brought in for diagnosis and repairs if deemed an approved safety concern.

Out-Of-Town Clients – For those of you who may be purchasing a vehicle but reside 50km or greater out of town, you may choose to bring your vehicle to TVG or if you prefer deal with a local shop in your area. If an issue happens to arise it is strongly suggested that you contact your sales associate as soon as possible so that notes may be logged to the issue, from there a mutual shop must be designated between both the client and the service manager so that an inspection may be done to verify the safety issue. If the safety issue is deemed appropriate repairs will be authorized by the service manager and payments will be made on a 50/50 basis of the invoice. For example, if the invoice balance was $295.95, TVG International would reimburse the purchaser $147.98 by Dealer Cheque to their address by means of regular mail service.

Courtesy Vehicle – Vehicles are available from the dealership at a discounted rate of $25/day in the event of an approved claim. Please speak with your service manager if you require a vehicle.